Jaya Shri Combine is a combination of services and one of the market leaders in providing total IT solutions in Sri Lanka. We started Software Developing in year 2000 and we were able to expand our services into Web Designing/Developing market in 2007.

Since 2000 we collaborate with various industries and we have been able to create a deep insight into their peculiar nature. Our solutions are flexible enough to satisfy customers’ needs much more precisely than any off-the-shelf product.

We continue to change the software industry with the web based software solutions. With a web based software you are out risk of your data being loss. Everything stored on remote servers. In 2013, we introduced web based software for our customers and that was a turning point. They get more advantages from our web based software solution specially when you have multiple branches.

On the other hand our approach into the web designing/developing industry in 2007, supported our customers a growth in their businesses. Currently our experts are clever enough to deliver whatever design required by the customer.

Balancing form and function through expert web development, we’ll create a beautiful brand experience that commands attention and encourages conversion.

We do sell all kind of Japanese Cars spare parts. Our range of spare parts includes leaf springs, filters, brake parts, clutch parts, steering parts, wheel bearings, glow plugs, brake oils and many more. We also offer electrical parts for houses wiring and water pipes and fittings.